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     (SS)Spunbond Nonwoven Face Mask Fabric Mask Raw Material 100% Polypropylene Top Layer And Inner Layer           Item Spunbond nonwoven fabric. Process Type Plain. Laminated Material Poly Propylene Weight 20gsm/25gsm/30gsm/35gsm/40gsm/50gsm Tolerance +-1gram as per requirement Type S/SS/SSS Facility Germany imported machine Certificates Material certificate, QC reports Maximum…
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What are the safety standards for meltblown fabrics used in masks?
Nonwovens made from meltblown melt are safe for the commercial production of masks. However, meltblown fabrics can be of different quality. Meltblown fabrics with greater bacterial filtration efficiency than 95% or greater than or equal to 99% are the most common. Masks cut off viruses' transmission channels such as saliva droplets, saliva, and aerosols. The masks can be used as long as both conditions are met.
Is meltblown nonwoven fabric made in which country?
China is the largest producer of nonwovens in the world, but meltblown nonwovens are relatively rare.
How much is a tonne of meltblown nonwoven worth?
The core fabric of masks is meltblown nonwovens. Now, the market price has stabilized. Medical masks have a multi-layered structure, white fusion blocks, fluffy structures, and excellent wrinkle resistance. Polypropylene's edges can produce tons of particles with different filtration indexes. Contact our product manager to find out the cost of one-ton meltblown nonwoven. Boshun, a top meltblown nonwoven manufacturer from China, will give you detailed answers and suggestive options.

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