Nonwoven fabric


  • Spunbond Nonwoven Raw Material Fabric
     (SS)Spunbond Nonwoven Face Mask Fabric Mask Raw Material 100% Polypropylene Top Layer And Inner Layer           Item Spunbond nonwoven fabric. Process Type Plain. Laminated Material Poly Propylene Weight 20gsm/25gsm/30gsm/35gsm/40gsm/50gsm Tolerance +-1gram as per requirement Type S/SS/SSS Facility Germany imported machine Certificates Material certificate, QC reports Maximum…
  • Spunmelt Nonwoven Fabric 100% Polypropylene
     (SMS/SMMS) Spunmelt Non-Woven Fabric Face Mask Material 100% Polypropylene Spunmelt Fabric     What’s Spunmelt Fabric? Spunmelt is a composite non-woven fabric. It is a composite product of spunbond and meltblown. According to different purposes, generally there are some types such as SMS, SMMS, SSMMS. We can mainly provide…
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What is meltblown nonwoven?

For high-quality masks, meltblown nonwoven is a common material. The main ingredient in meltblown nonwoven fabric is polypropylene. The fiber diameter can range from 1 to 5 microns. It has fewer voids which makes it fluffier and more wrinkle-resistant. This ultra-fine fiber has a unique capillary structure which increases the number and area of fibers per unit area. It makes meltblown cloth good at filtration, shielding, and insulation, as well as oil absorption functions. They are suitable for use in the areas of air and liquid filter materials, isolation materials water absorption materials, heat insulation materials oil absorption materials, masking materials, wiping cloths, etc.

How are meltblown nonwovens produced?

The main raw material for meltblown nonwovens is polypropylene. The melt-molten polymer stream is extruded by the die nozzle and drawn by a high-speed hot air stream. These ultra-fine fibers are then gathered on the curtain of the condensation network, or drum, and bonded to each other to form meltblown nonwoven. Meltblown nonwoven has a flat, white appearance and is soft to the touch. The material's fiber fineness ranges from 0.5 to 1.0 um. Because of the random distribution of fibers, meltblown gas filter material has a higher specific surface area and void ratio (>=75%). The product's characteristics include low resistance, high efficiency, and high dust capacity.

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