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  • Why one should use a 3 Disposable Mask?

    Meltblown fabric | Melt blown fabric | The pandemic has increased the importance of wearing a mask as you are safeguarding your life and lowering down the risk of getting the disease. The use of a 3 Ply disposable mask is of huge importance in today’s world. The 3…
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  • What is Meltblown Filter & how it’s used for making masks?

    3 ply mask disposable| Wholesale face masks | Meltblown filter is a conventional fabrication method consist of micro and nanofiber where the polymer melt is extruded by high-speed blowing gas. The deposited fibers come in the form of a non-woven sheet product used for filtration, sorbents, apparel, and much…
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  • Difference between cloth and 3-ply mask? Which is better?

    Melt blown fabric | pp melt blown fabric | The face masks should provide a shield against germs and viruses. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the importance of using more masks on regular basis to avoid getting the risk and exposure of viruses and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The…
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