Kakvu masku da nosim za vrijeme COVID-19?

During the "COVID-19" period, how to properly do personal protection is an issue that everyone is very concerned about. The reasonable selection and wearing of masks are important means to reduce the exposure of "pathogens" and reduce the risk of infection. So, how should you choose and wear a mask to really play a protective role?

1. Disposable masks can prevent respiratory infections or droplet transmission to a certain extent. It is more suitable to wear when there is no confirmed infection or when the crowd is not very dense, but it cannot prevent haze.

2. There are three layers of medical surgical masks, from the outside to the inside are the waterproof layer, the filter layer, and the comfort layer. The third layer is a layer of non-woven fabric. When wearing it, make sure that the white non-woven fabric faces inward and the blue waterproof layer faces outward. Medical-surgical masks can play a good preventive role. It is especially necessary to wear medical surgical masks in crowded places.

3. The biggest feature of N95 masks is that they can prevent droplet infections caused by the patient's body fluids or blood splashes. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration stipulates that medical personnel who are regularly exposed to tuberculosis bacteria must wear masks above the N95 standard for medical institutions. Special attention should be paid when choosing N95 masks, it is best not to choose N95 masks with breathing valves.

4. If you go to general public places and do not come into contact with patients, you can choose to wear medical surgical masks, without excessive protection, but if you will come into contact with patients with suspected respiratory tract infections, you must wear N95 masks. Or you should wear a mask when you go to the hospital or visit patients, especially when you go to the fever clinic or the respiratory department of the hospital. Especially in the season when respiratory infectious diseases are high, it is recommended to wear a mask if you go to crowded places such as shopping malls, supermarkets, and theaters.

The above are the types of masks for the prevention of new coronary pneumonia. It is recommended that you choose the corresponding masks for the place you are or the objects you are in contact with. Usually, try not to go out. If you have to go out, you must choose a protective comparison Put on a good mask. Can play a good preventive role