What is pp melt blown fabric?

Polipropilen (or PP meltblown) nonwoven fabrics are made of polypropylene fibers that range from 1 to 5 microns wide. They have excellent oil absorption and insulation capabilities. pp melt blown fabric is wrinkle-resistant and have voids. It is used in a variety of filtration industries, including air filters, masks, and N95 masks. Its complex fiber structure increases its surface area as well as the number of fibers per area. This gives it exceptional quality.

Applications and uses of Meltblown nonwoven fabric.

For the majority of purposes, Meltblown nonwoven fabric is used.

Materials for isolation

Air filtration equipment

Material for masks - N95 Masks, PPE Kits, Healthcare Workwear

Fluid filtration materials

Insulation materials

Absorbent materials


Oil-absorbent materials

There are many uses for Meltblown nonwoven.

  1. Healthcare industry - Medical clothes/workwear

It can be used as a body covering, EPP kit, body coverings or diapers.

  1. Interlinings and decorative cloths for the home

Uses Bedsheets, tablecloths, and wall coverings. Interlinings.

  1. Garment - The clothes you wear

Uses Stitches, bonded linings, inserts for shoes, leather garments, itd.

  1. Agricultural cloth

Uses irrigation cloth, nursery cloth, crop protection cloth, heat-insulating curtains, itd.

  1. Industrial fabrics

Uses filtration materials, geotextiles, cement packaging bags, insulation materials, covering fabrics, itd.

  1. Other uses

It can be used in tea bags, cigarette filters, and insulation cloth.

  1. N95 / Medical masks

Meltblown fabrics are well-known for their use in surgical masks and N95 masks. They often market melt blown fabrics with a multilayer construction known as SMS construction. It is simply the S-first single layer, M - middle meltblown layer, and Souter spun-bond fabric layer.

Boshunmeditech has the ability to customize a range of pp melt blown fabrics. We can also supply them in different widths and colors. Customers can specify the width and color they require.

The following types of nonwoven spunbond fabrics are available to you: s/ss/sss

Our spunbond nonwoven is used primarily for mask production due to the worldwide epidemic. It is used to make the masks' inner and upper layers.

More details.

White - The inner layer of the face mask. It is soft and skin-friendly.

Blue - The upper layer of the mask, is waterproof, hydrophobic, and water-resistant.

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