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Non-woven fabric

  • Spunbond netkana sirovina

     (SS)Spunbond Nonwoven Face Mask Fabric Mask Raw Material 100% Polypropylene Top Layer And Inner Layer Item Spunbond nonwoven fabric. Process Type Plain. Laminated Material Poly Propylene Weight 20gsm/25gsm/30gsm/35gsm/40gsm/50gsm Tolerance +-1gram as per requirement Type S/SS/SSS Facility Germany imported machine Certificates Material certificate, QC reports Maximum…
  • Netkana tkanina Spunmelt 100% Polipropilen

     (SMS/SMMS) Spunmelt Non-Woven Fabric Face Mask Material 100% Polypropylene Spunmelt Fabric What’s Spunmelt Fabric? Spunmelt is a composite non-woven fabric. It is a composite product of spunbond and meltblown. According to different purposes, generally there are some types such as SMS, SMMS, SSMMS. We can mainly provide…
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