Da li maske za lice pružaju zaštitu od COVID-19?

A new study says masks are essential to prevent the spread of COVID-19

According to foreign media reports, a new study by Texas A&M University found that not wearing a mask puts people at a huge risk of contracting the new coronavirus, causing COVID-19-, and it also increases their spread of the virus to other people. The odds. Masks alone are not enough to prevent viruses, but they are an important tool.

In some countries, including the United States, it is controversial to wear masks in a public-the combination of false information and widespread stubbornness encourages people’s dislike of mask recommendations, causing many people to go shopping and generally approach strangers At that time, there was no such form of protection.

According to research by A&M University, in New York, Italy, and China, the use of masks has prevented tens of thousands of COVID-19 cases in just a few weeks. Respiratory aerosol particles are considered to be the "main" method of transmission of the new coronavirus, and masks have been shown to be effective in protecting individuals from person to person.

Of course, maintaining social distancing and other practices, such as frequent hand washing and avoiding touching your own face, are also important and necessary practices to help protect against virus infection. Ultimately, masks are considered a cheap and efficient way to protect individuals at the individual level.

Research co-author, Professor Mario Molina of the University of California, San Diego, said:
Our research clearly shows that the use of masks not only helps prevent infected cough droplets from entering the body of uninfected people but is also vital for these uninfected people to avoid breathing in the tiny atmospheric particles (aerosols) emitted by infected people when they speak. , These particles can stay in the atmosphere for tens of minutes and can travel tens of feet.