• How to choose the right 3 ply mask disposable?

    During the New Crown Pneumonia outbreak, Bosun has been working hard to meet the needs of our customers. We offer 3 ply mask disposable..
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  • What is meltblown nonwoven fabric?

    For high quality masks, meltblown nonwovens are a common material. The main component of nonwoven meltblown is polypropylene. The fiber diameter can range from 1 micron to 5 microns. It has fewer voids, which makes it fluffier and more wrinkle resistant. This ultrafine fiber has a unique capillary structure that increases the…
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  • Can we buy Automatic Mask Packing Machine and Face Mask Making Machine?

    Wholesale face masks | Wholesale masks | Bulk face masks Do you have the option to buy the Wholesale face masks Packing Machine and Face Mask Making Machine separately? There is no problem with purchasing the automatic face mask packing machine and the face mask making machine separately. Purchasing the…
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  • What is the use of surgical mask-making machine?

    Meltblown nonwoven | Meltblown nonwoven fabric | Nonwoven meltblown What is the purpose of a surgical mask-making 3 ply machine? Here in this blog we are going to find the purpose of surgical mask: Masking Various Surgical Mask Types The surgical mask manufacturing equipment will primarily be used to create…
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  • Why One must Buy Automatic Face Mask Making Machine?

    Meltblown nonwoven fabric | Nonwoven meltblown | Polypropylene meltblown To increase your output of Wholesale face masks, you should invest in an automatic machine. It would help if you considered investing in the automatic face masking machine for the following reasons. Increase in Productivity or Throughput Using an automatic face…
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  • Are 3 ply disposable face masks good?

    3 ply disposable maks are small pieces of cloth used to protect against germs and viruses that can infect others. 3 ply mask disposable is three layers that can be used for different purposes. The outer non-woven hydrophobic layer repels water, blood, and other fluids. The surgical mask's key component, the middle…
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  • Where can i find a meltblown fabric kn-95 mask?

    High-quality masks can be made from nonwoven meltblown. Nonwoven meltblown is directly made from the fibre stage in the case of natural fibers or from a plastic (in the particle phase) and without any intermediate processes such as spinning, yarn formation or yarn formation.
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  • How To Find The World’s Leading Face Mask Suppliers?

    Masker disposable 3 ply | Masker kain 3 ply For a surprisingly long time, Boshunmeditech has been busy with making facial covers, and we've been passing on express covers made of phenomenal materials. Clearly, the world is at present experiencing a pandemic, and protection is a verifiable necessity for everyone.…
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