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Guangdong Boshun Belting Co.,Ltd was established in Boluo county,Huizhou city,Guangdong province. Registration capital:38 million RMB; with 4pc 1600mm meltblown production lines and 12pc mask production lines.The company’s main product are high-filtering melt-blown fabric, Spunbond nonwoven fabric, earloop, nose wire and other mask related products.Our product has exported to Germany,Saudi Arabic, Turkey, South Korea, Brazil and other countries. Company philosophy:Create maxmium value for our customers and employees.


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Boshun belting can offer your mask raw material one-station purchase, and perfectly meet your needs.

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Meltblown fabric,Meltblown nonwoven

Are you searching for the Meltblown fabric made in china?

Welcome to Guangdong Boshun Belting Co., Ltd!

At reasonable prices you can find top-notch quality Melt blown fabric from Guangdong Boshun Belting Co.,Ltd.

Our product range includes:

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We are driving Meltblown nonwoven manufacturers who focus on global fare item distribution and deals. We have improved the quality of Meltblown nonwoven made in china.

Wholesale face masks, In the event that you need to find out about our items, kindly snap the item to see details of the product, models, pictures, costs, and other data.

Whatever you are a gathering or individual, we will put forth a valiant effort to give you a precise and exhaustive message about Meltblown filter!

Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric,Disposable 3 ply

The Meltblown nonwoven fabric is one of the essential fabrics for making a Mask. It is proven to be the best fabric that not only protects your face from dust but also protects you from inhaling poisonous air.

pp melt blown fabric is thin, comfortable to use, and provides complete protection to your face.

We are perceived as a leading Chinese exporter and provider of Nonwoven meltblown. We can give Non Woven Fabric in any gram/m2 and any tone needed by the client.

Meltblown are extensively characterized as sheet or web structures fortified together by catching fiber or fibers (and by puncturing films) precisely, thermally, or synthetically.

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Guangdong Boshun Belting Co.,Ltd provides custom Masker disposable 3 ply made by using top-class technology.

We also have Polypropylene meltblown that can be recycled after use and providing reasonable treatment and reliable facilities.

Buy now the Chinese Bulk face masks for face-covering!

Features of Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric:

  • Low breath opposition
  • Soft agreeable earloops give simpler wearing
  • Customer-made on individual preference
  • Technical Data of face mask
  • 80% filtration efficiency from bacteria
  • Air Permeability for about 136L/m2/s
  • Material & Composition used in face mask
  • The inner layer is made with 100% thin fabric
  • Outer Layer is made with stretchy material

Get automatic 3 ply mask automatic machine

3 ply mask automatic machine is fully automatic and producing the outside and inside face mask. It is used in making the Hospital mask.

Features of automatic mask machine:

  • It is multifunction and has highly effective with the lower inconvenience
  • It is made with stainless steel and an autonomous electrical control box
  • The parts surface receives chrome managing, covering portions of treated steel, looking delightful and clean
  • Machine is multifunction, and change the model for each unique size shoes cover creating
  • Machine is fully automatic
  • It is available at reasonable prices

Our vision

Our vision, objective, center, and dream are one. We wish to be an elite organization, and we endeavor towards this objective the entire day.

Our vision is accomplished by looking after discipline, guaranteeing using time effectively, building up powerful methods, and by regarding the people.

To achieve a consistent degree of progress, we utilize each mind in the association that offers esteem expansion. Our emphasis is additionally on improving our presence continues to be the awesome all that we do. We intend to assist people with developing, wiping out dread, uncertainty, and frailty from the framework.

We endeavor to improve our exhibition persistently and be the awesome all that we do.

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